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Happy Friday! hope you all had a great holiday last week.


Chances are, you had a fun-filled weekend with food, friends and family…. as all holidays should be!

If you indulged a little this weekend (or after any weekend, holiday or special event) don't worry! Here's what to follow up with this week...


One weekend of indulging is not going to hinder your progress in your health and fitness journey.

In fact, you probably made AMAZING memories that you will remember for years to come.

Being upset with what happened over the weekend isn't going to change anything.

Now that we've covered that, let's look at what to do this week.

1) Think of all the positive memories you made over the weekend!

Make a list of the fun things you did. In case you do find yourself getting upset, this will help focus on the positive.

2) Don't over exercise.

It won't do you any good in the long run. If you have a workout planned... great, go for it! But don't feel the need to add in any extra exercise or cardio. Exercise should not be used as a punishment for food!

3) Don't cut your calories to make up for the weekend.

Just get right back on track. If you count calories or macros, stick with your regular numbers. Cutting extra will just put you in a restricting/indulging or yo-yo dieting cycle. Our bodies are smart, so keep feeding it what it needs!

4) Remember: Memories > macros

Holidays, birthdays, wedding and other events are a cause for CELEBRATION! Do just that… and then just get right back on track.